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Re: [at-l] A "White Texas"

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> Date: Tuesday, 07-Jan-97 02:18 PM
> Let me
> ask you all this...starting from Springer...what was the most verifiable
> extreme temp experienced.
>        Tumbleweed  da won n'texas
>         GA>ME 97 PCT 98

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March 8,1996.  0 degrees F.  That was the outdoor temp at the Blueberry
Patch.  At 5000' I bet it was much colder, but luckily I was indoors w/ a
wood burning stove.  The night before, and the next couple of nights were
in the single digits.  I had a 5 degree bag, and boy was I cold and
sleepless until I learned to put my sleeping bag inside of my tent w/out
the poles, when I slept in shelters.  The frozen condensation on the
outside of my sleeping bag in the morning, was worth a warm (relatively)
sleep filled nights.  I also used my MSR 6 liter dromedary (sp?) bag as my
pillow, under my sleeping pad so it wouldn't freeze.

		have fun,


There were days,
there were days,
there were days, I know.
When all we ever wanted,
was to learn and love and grow.
When we grew into our shoes,  
we told them where to go.
Walked halfway around the world,
on promise of the glow
Stood upon a mountain top.
Walked barefoot in the snow.
Gave all we had to give,  
how much we'll never know, . . . . never know.
                                 Robert Hunter
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