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[at-l] A "White Texas"

Finally we Texans here get to try out our sleeping bag for the thru-hike
Its snowing here!! and all white!  and suppose to get in the teens. Let me
ask you all this...starting from Springer...what was the most verifiable
extreme temp experienced.
I went ahead and bought a 15 degree bag just in case...after all..the
weather patterns have been really screwy last few years. Oh yeah,  we get a
little of the white stuff and they shut the schools etc down here for the
day. Funny...since I lived up north once for a long time. Snow freaks them
out down here..should see it when it ices...oh well enough about
that...noticed that the list has been quiet today and basically me and Phil

Romans has been just e-mailin each other all day long. Hi Phil! Wish I
could join Phil and the group at Harpers for the get together but he won't
move it to Kansas City to meet me half way..haha just kidding Phil..
Anyways good day y'all!
       Tumbleweed  da won n'texas
        GA>ME 97 PCT 98

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