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Thank you to everybody for all of the positive feedback on
my web page.  I got several really good suggestions from a
few people regarding camp shoes and lighter weight summer
sleeping bags.  There was a question regarding my true
pack weight.  On my gear list on the web page, my total
gear weight was approximately 36 lbs, but on a previous
posting I had commented that my pack only weighed 27.5 lbs.

The difference is in the clothing/gear that I'll be wearing
as well as some of the gear that my dog Micah will be carrying
for me.  I'll be taking some of his bulkier/lighter items (like
a sleeping pad and fleece blanket) and he'll be carrying some of
my denser/heavier gear like fuel bottle and water filter.  I
found this to be the best solution to dealing with his low
volume pack.  As far as the clothing/gear that I'll be wearing,
between boots, socks, thermal pants, shirt, windbreaker, and
walking stick, my pack weight goes down by approximately 7lbs.
Is everybody else subtracting out what they are going to be
actually wearing when they are quoting their pack weight?

One other comment that SEVERAL people made regarded the issue
of safety on the trail and the posting of my itinerary.  I had
also thought about that issue before deciding to post and my
schedule that is posted on the web is already off by a few
days.  As I send in my journal entries, there will be approximately
a one week delay before my journal entries are posted.  I don't
want to be paranoid, but I also don't want to be stupid.  I think
that just a few days worth of inaccuracy will be enough to
prevent any unwanted situations.  Or at least I'm hoping so!

Thank you to everybody!!
'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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