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[at-l] Re: Lightweight stuff

<<I am thinking of leaving my decent camera at home and just buying 
the cheap pre-packaged camaeras along the way.  Has anyone toyed with 
that idea or done it?  Sure, no zoom or flash... but to save weight where 
I can.>>

I took 3 disposable cameras to the Smokies last spring:  2 regular w/flash
and 1 panoramic style.  I'm taking my Minolta (12 oz w/roll of film loaded)
on my thru hike.  A roll of film and cannister weigh about 1 oz, and I'm sure
the disposable camera weighs more than that.  You might save a tiny bit of
weight on one camera, but if you plan to take more than one at a time you'd
be better off with your regular camera, IMHO.  Now if yours has all those
fancy bells & whistles & lenses, then that's a different story.  Mine is just
a simple point & shoot (prints the date on the picture which will be nice for
the thru hike).

Marty (Gypsy)

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