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SANDY@mayo.edu wrote:
> > Well, I think I'm ready to make my Web Page available
> > for stone throwing.

No rocks here...nice site.  And I'm so glad they'll be someone's updates 
for those of us not going this year to follow!

From the looks of things, you don't need my advice but I'll offer it 
anyway...<<<sheepish grin>>>>

Pepsid AC...for indigestion and Imodium AD....for ahh..welll...you know 
what that's for.....I never leave home without them.
And on the subject of camp shoes...check out cheap wally-mart-type
river shoes...aqua mocs, they're called sometimes.  Rubber bottoms,
Synthetic uppers. Basically a rubber-bottomed-low-cut sock.  Dandy for 
crossing streams...great camp shoes and add socks for all but the 
coldest weather.  The cheap ones weigh very little and pack in a corner.
I've even hiked in them.  For a half day .........on an easy trail..
Thanks for sharing your site...and your hike.   Kahley
PS..can we look forward to anyone else's updates?
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