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> Well, I think I'm ready to make my Web Page available
> for stone throwing. ... per Tumbleweed's request, I'm going
> to give it out so that everybody can pick apart my gear lists
> and other info:
> http://www.webcom.com/markham/at-hike
> Please be gentle..... :-)
> Rachel
> 'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97

No stone throwing from me. The page looks good,
a Stephenson 2RS WOW ! I am curious about one
thing, on the page you list your pack weight
at 36 lbs and on a previous post you listed
it at 27.5 . What did you get rid of to lower the
weight ?  Alison is working on lowering hers (it
is at 19 lbs 2 ozs cold weather and 16 lbs 6 oz warm )
to drop some more weight she has decided to change her
cold sleeping bag from a Western Mountaineering Apache 
(2lbs 2 ozs ) to a Western Mountaineering Ultralite
( 1 lb 14 ozs ) so you might be able to drop some weight
on your sleeping bag if you can live with a 20 degree bag .
I didn't see any camp shoes on your list . Are you carrying
any ? Another Alison weight saving note, she had a pair
of Teva Terradyctals (sp) but wasn't real wild about them,
then she discovered Teva makes a womens version of the Terra -fi
called the Pretty Roughed that weigh about 5 ozs less than her
Terradyctals (based on womens size 9 ). 

Good luck with your gear, the page , and most of all your hike.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 3,150 hours 38 minutes ) 
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