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[at-l] HF on the 25th

	for all those planning to attend, I do not have any defianate word
on that free lodging that some might be counting on.  I am not sure what
the word is but I will try to get something this week...
	As for all of you bringing your packs, I plan to do the 90s
version and just bring a print out of my pack.  =)  Cheesy I know... but
at least that gives people an oppurinity to look it over and let me know
in a different way.  Most people know what all the gears is anyhow.
	One note about things to do.  The only thing set is a little talk
with the ATC offical.  Other than that, it is up to _you_ to make things
happen.  I only got stuck here because I wanted to make sure I wasn't
going insane.  (btw, white is north on my Silva... right?)

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