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[at-l] AT Trail Reader by David Emblidge

Apologies to those who are on both lists.  Just thought I would mention a
book(The Appalachian Trail Reader by David Emblidge)that I wish I had the
chance to read before I made my hike in '95. I believe it has been mentioned
here before, but thought I would mention it again, so all you prospective
'97 hikers might have a chance to look at it before you start your hike.  It
gives a very interesting overall perspective on the trail and does it in
very readable, short excerpts. History, geology, flowers, trail diaries,
bridge building,poetry,Melville, Thoreau, and much more.  I particularily
enjoyed the essay from O, Appalachia by Harry Caudill written in 1973 which
I'm afraid still holds true today.  Pick it up from the library if you don't
want to spring for it yourself. It will make your thru-hike that much more

Mark and Janet Holmes (Appalachian Trail - GA>NH (minus PA) '95)
NH > ME + PA 1997
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