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Re: [at-l] food ideas?

At 9:54 4/1/97, Phil Romans wrote:
>I will admit it,
>        I don't have much of a clue when it comes to long distance food
>buying.  I can buy for a short weekend no problem, but for more than that
>it becomes a bit hairy.
>Does anyone have advice for this situation?

My advice is if you are thru-hiking, don't over-plan your food...your
tastes will change as you hike and your cravings will control your diet
more than what you have prepared at home.

During my thru-hike last summer, I went 3.5 months without a stove and ate
only cold foods...highly recommend it...

I ate creme-cheese, tortillas and sardines every day for 3 months last
summer and believe it or not still like it (which is something I can't say
for alot of things I prepared before going last year).... A plastic 1lb jar
of peanut butter half mixed with your favourite jam and buns/bread does
really well for lunches, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch (with the
Crunch-berries) with milk, pretzels, kool-aide, chocolate covered raisins,
Pop-tarts (I have yet to eat a pop-tart that has actually been toasted - I
hear they are supposed to be pretty good) are all great cold-foods.
Parmesan cheese also keeps very well in the heat (though it gets a bit
oily) - it is also piquant enough to spice up any dehydrated meal.

I made alot of friends by stewing dried apples (non-sulphurized) with sugar
and cinnamon (though it takes about 20 minutes of simmering on a stove and
is the sort of thing you do before hitting a town when you know you won't
run out of fuel).

For 4-5 days stints, I found that I could eat cold food (cereals, above
concoction, chocolate bars, etc) and didn't carry dried foods and the
required pot/stove/fuel overhead...for anything more than about 5 days,
dehydrated foods won out (even with the weight overhead).

The 100 mile wilderness was the toughest part for me as a northbounder -
you're always hungry (I ate 2lbs of PB in 4 days) and you are carrying all
this food that you know you can't eat because you will run out otherwise.
Anywhere else on the trail (almost) you could hitch down a road to a
grocery store in a pinch and get a day or two of extra resupplies.

I have a couple of good black-bean recepes and lentil recepes that if I
find the time I could type in if there was interest...

Good luck

Noman '96

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