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[at-l] RE: not so happy new year

Sorry to hear that! Recuperate quickly, now...

I resolved to start doing what I've been intending to do all along...minimum
3 hrs a week walking or hiking. Spent an hour doing 1.5 miles yesterday in a
park a few miles east of here...the park trails are too close to the road
for solitude, but the woods are thick and there are killer upgrades (watch
the heart rate!) and plenty of narrow footpaths that barely cling to the
side of the ridge. Great basic training for hiking.

And then, when I got home, I had a message that I'll be working full-time
for a month at a locale 55 miles from home. There goes my *spare* time!
Guess I'll join the legions of flashlight toters night walking around the

Take care,
---Sandra Downs 	<downs@nb.net>
---Pittsburgh, PA       Visit Cyberwall! http://www.nb.net/~downs/

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