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[at-l] Map uniformity

Felix wrote:
> Those PA maps are a joke. When I got the Cent. VA maps 5-6 years ago,I
> was disappointed that they only show the area in close proximity to the
> AT. (Very narrow mapping.) The NC and MD maps seem to be the best. I'm
> not sure why there isn't some uniformity.

It's because of a characteristic of the ATC which is generally a
strength, but occasionally a weakness - the autonomy of trail
maintaining clubs.  The maps are produced by the clubs in their own
particular styles, largely by volunteers.  Publication is by the ATC,
but minimal editorial control.

Since the maps are meant to accompany the guidebooks (in fact you can't
purchase the Maine maps seperately), it's  hard to see how the ATC could
step in and do a better job - the Harpers Ferry staff don't know the
ground as well, and the regional staffs are far too small to take on the
additional work.

If you have suggestions for improvements of individual map sets, I'd
suggest contacting the club responsible for that area.

-The Priest

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