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Re: [at-l] Warning!!!!!!!!

The scene:  Christmas Eve in Upstate NY.  The plot:  Jennifer hits a jackpot
worthy of Ed Macmahon & Dick Clark showing up with a TV camera.  Gore-tex,
fleece, cookware, waterfilter...  and the grand finale -- a big ol' gift
certificate to EMS.  Life was good (except for a nagging cough and the
remains of week-old laryngitis). 

Scene Two:  A balmy 55 degree Sunday rolls around and what could be better
than a long hike with old friends?   Needless to say, we got caught on Slide
Mtn.  in the rainstorm to shame all storms and were soaked to the core.  (Do
you see where this is going?....).  To make a long story short, I spent
Monday in the ER (sans George Clooney) and was finally  diagnosed with
Pneumoccal Pneumonia.  The doc (not even as cute as George Clooney's dog)
says no oudoorsey stuff for 6 weeks.  So, here I sit, high as a kite  on
prescription something-or-other, staring at my own version of an EMS store
in my very living room.    

SIX weeks?  Doctors are ALWAYS over-cautious, right?  

Hope everyone who was ill is better now & everyone who was healthy stays
that way.  Thanks for sharing in my pity-party...



Jennifer Delia Sawyer	|	"Be the best you can be
Hall Director		|	in the place that you are;
Department of Residential Life	|	and be kind.  
University of New Hampshire	|	Kind to yourself,
Durham, NH  03824		|	Kind to others and 
(603) 862-3812		|	Kind to the land."
jdsawyer@hopper.unh.edu	|		-- Helen Neering

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