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Re: [at-l] Clothing?

Hello Raven and Bob -

She said:

>> ...How much does this stuff run? is it a jacket and pants? where did you
>> buy it?...

He said:

>...The North Face...Pants cost $75.00...I got 'em at Nestor's in
>Allentown, Pa. >(The Wilderness Travel Outfitters)...

The ones I have came from Sierra Trading Post.  They are made by Sierra
Designs and the tag says:  "Wind Layer - This product is part of the fourth
layer in Sierra Designs five layer clothing system.  By using technically
superior fabrics that repel water and block the wind, we achieve extremely
lightweight thermal efficiency."  The wind pants claim to be "wind proof
and water repellant, yet allow the transmission of water vapor, so it will
breathe with your body and allow moisture to escape."  They also have a
cute "Sierra Designs" embroidered into the fabric (as good as any alligator
on a polo shirt!).

These pants seem to be well made and are pretty doggone lite (full side
zips, no pockets, elastic at cuffs and waist band, double velcro closures
over zippers at waist).  They cost $39.95 (closeout - reg. $95) and I would
keep them to play with if they just fit.  I plan to send them back next
week.  If anybody needs men's large navy SD "High Altitude Pants" for $40,
call 'em up...there should be at least one pair left in stock <g>.

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al

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