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Re: [at-l] maps a plenty

Phil Romans wrote:
> Lots of new info to go over...
>         My maps have arrived!  Is it me, or does the trail need to get
> some sort of regulation about the maps.  jesh, from b&w in PA to tiny
> print in GA.  I need to take up map reading 205 in school now!
> -=phil

Those PA maps are a joke. When I got the Cent. VA maps 5-6 years ago, I 
was disappointed that they only show the area in close proximity to the 
AT. (Very narrow mapping.) The NC and MD maps seem to be the best. I'm 
not sure why there isn't some uniformity.


Ft. Royal-->Gravel Sp.  Dav. Gap-->Fontana<--Winding Stair Gap
Gravel Sp.<--Rock Sp.-->South River<--Rip-Rap Trailhead  Waynesboro<--
LongMtn. Wayside-->Buchanon Trail-->Catawba-->Bland Penmar-->HF-->Ft. 
Dav. Gap-->Hot Springs<--Erwin<--Elk Park-->Hampton-->Damascus<--Atkins
Winding Stair Gap-->Dick's Creek Gap<--Springer Mtn. Gravel Sp.-->Rock 
Sp. Hut

Not in that order...

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