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Re: [at-l] Konnarock crew

David Appell wrote:
> I've heard about the Konnarock crew, and know generally that they built
> shelters and do trail maintenance.  But they seem to have a legendary
> status and I was wondering why.  Is it the quality of their work (like the
> resplendent Lost Mountain Shelter & privy), or something still more?

David, glad you brought up one of my favorite subjects.  I worked
Konnarock from '92 thru '95 (skipped last year because of my long
section/short thru hike) for periods of one to six weeks.  Very
rewarding, especially in terms of the camaraderie that you develop
(sound familiar?)

Konnarock may have its reputation because its the oldest & largest of
the crew programs.  Some folks have been coming back every year since it
started over ten years ago.  In my experience, it's been
well-administered by the ATC regional staff & operated by the seasonal
crew leaders & camp staff.  Highly recommend it.

Not to ignore the other crew programs ATC operates - Mid-Atlantic draws
from the same pool of talent, there's the Green Mountain Patrol, the new
Smokies crew, and FORCE, which is building quite a reputation for the
tough jobs in Maine.

Crew apps. for the coming year are available now - check out the AT home
page <http://www.fred.net./kathy/at.html> for an application.

- The Priest
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