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[at-l] RE: Quehanna Trail, PA

Deb asked:

>I was wondering if the Quehanna was less rocky.

I hiked the Quehanna Trail several years ago, and did not find it to be very
rocky.  I guess you'd expect that since it is even further west than the
Susquehannock and Black Forest Trails.  It has ups and downs like the
Susquehannock, but I think they are more worn and gradual on the Quehanna.

At the time I hiked it, you really needed a map.  There were a couple of
sections where blazes were very hard to find.  One of these sections had been
in a fire.  

You'll never guess what you find near the hiking trail, out in the middle of
an isolated state forest.  There is a nuclear reactor!  It is a little thing,
definitely not a power reactor.  I vaguely remember that the sign on it had
the name of a seed company and I speculated that they used it to start
mutations in seeds.  The trail does not go beside it, but I did a little
bushwhacking because I was curious about some reference to it on the map.

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