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RE: [at-l] re: tent help

On 03-Jan-97 Michael Henderson wrote:
>kahley - 
>i have no experience with the three tents you mentioned, but check out the
>clip flashlight 3-person model.  it's a BIG version of the standard
>flashlight, probably fine for you and two (smaller?) kids.  i've been
>looking at it as an ideal pct tent for myself, my wife, and one or two 35 lb
>dogs.  i'm not sure of the price (being sierra designs it's probably fairly
>pricey, but campmor has had them) but it weighs only 4.5lbs! (manufacturers
>weight).  it's the lightest 3-person tent i've seen.

Mike and Kahley,

Be sure to check out a kelty windfoil ultralight.  Depending on how
tall you are, you might be able to fit two people and two dogs inside
the tent.  I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5'6" and we have two dogs; a 85-90
lb golden retriever and a 35-40 lb cocker spaniel.  On a rainy night in
Grayson Highlands, we managed to put the cocker in the tent with us and
the golden in the vestibule.  The packs stayed outside inside in plastic
garbage bags.  All of us and our gear stayed warm and dry, but it was
a bit cozy in the tent!  Fortunately we were exhausted and sleep came easily.

The Kelty tent is over 11' long and weighs a couple ounces less than 5
lbs, 'real weight'.  I weighed it at the post office, incl. poles, stakes,
seams sealed, fly, and a *little* dirt.  (Weight freaks for give me!
I can't remember the exact weight to the ounce.  ;)  It's perfect for
tall folks, and you used to be able to get it through campmor for
around $165.

Well back to the salt mines here at ncsu...  Too much work and not enough
hiking.  But with a 70 Deg F high for the weekend coming, I think a day hike
is in order!  :)


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