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[at-l] Re: TVP


	It pays to advertise your thoughts on the AT-Listserve!  Glad to
hear that tvp can be bought even cheaper than the long shelf life canned
stuff I just sampled. Maybe I can find a Health-Food store in Roanoke, VA
. No I do not plan to carry cans with me, ha ha actually I have been
pre-packageing  individual meals. I will plan food  for two months or
less of my GA>97>ME hike. My food drops can easily be modified in
route...added to or surplus mailed home. My past experience has shown
diet changes greatly in preference and quantity as time goes on. I love
cooking and eating. I would hate to think I was gonna eat Lipton salty
Noodles -n- Rice for six months. But who knows..others have done it.
After a week on the trail my food intake usually doubles after three
weeks I eat almost 3 times  as much each meal as I did the first week. A
month is the longest I have hiked so I don`t have any Idea what I will
crave then! 

see ya at HF 01/25/97   chase

Georgia>97>Maine   Chase
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