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[at-l] ages for backpacking?

when working for a camp(s) for a few summers, I found that the best age
(for me anyway) taking 5 day or so trips was about 14 yrs old.  That was
also for social reasons, too tho.  We tended to do about 8 mile days (on
the AT in NY, CT), and most of the kids carried most of their stuff (the
leaders took specific items that were particularly heavy - like the 10 lb
industrial can of peanut butter that the camp director wanted us to bring
"just in case")

The kids distributed group gear according to what each could carry 
fairly democratically and it usually came out pretty even, taking size 
into account. Of course, this was possible in a large group, and with 
fewer people to divide up group gear, would be more difficult.

I found that at 14 (give or take, obviously), the kids were old enough to
be very responsible and understand the impact of their decisions well
enough to make major decisions, but not too set in a "teen mindset" or
whatever you want to call it, yet. 

That's just what I found, and obviously groups are different than one or 
two.  YMMV

One note, with girls I think periods were an issue.  We tended to have 
a female counsellor/trip leader on every trip who dealt with it because 
the female campers didn't really want to discuss it with the male trip 
leaders, so I am inexcusably ignorant of the details, but it never 
stopped the trip or became a major problem (partially because the trips 
were so short).

(by the way, I think I still consider the time I spent with them the most 
fun I've ever had.)
Jeff Mosenkis            MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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