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Re: [at-l] Tent help??????

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, kahlena wrote:

> I figure, in case we have to hole up in rain, the three of us won't kill 
> each other if the tent is in the 35 to 45 sq.ft. range and
> since this tent will not see real hard use, it doesn't have to be 
> bomber. 
> I have to stay under 200.oo. The further under the better...;-)
> I've been looking at three tents so far...

> The Quest Cornice III          49 sq ft......6lbs....146.oo
> The Quest Rogue River II       40 sqft.....5.4lbs....185.oo
> The Eureka Glacier Bay         38 sqft.....5.1lbs....189.oo

I knowvery little about the Quests, and have been out of the loop for a 
year or so, I don't know what's current.  I'd point out that that little 
non-vestibule/hood thing that I think was on the Glacier Bay, BP mag said 
tended to dump water over the enterance (and I don't think they were 
impressed with is waterproofness overall - this was about a year or so 
ago  when they did a round up of tents that 2-3 people could spend a lot 
of time in).

Check out Kelty (great warantee service too, from what I have heard, just 
in case...) Domolite line for cheaper, Quatro line for fancier.


Jeff Mosenkis            MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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