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[at-l] Tent help??????

Hi all.....
Begging for input again......
Because I hope to introduce some young family members to packing this
spring, I must get a tent big enough for three. I  will probably have to
carry all the weight myself so the weight is a big deal.  I'm shooting 
for <6lbs. The further under the better!   
I figure, in case we have to hole up in rain, the three of us won't kill 
each other if the tent is in the 35 to 45 sq.ft. range and
since this tent will not see real hard use, it doesn't have to be 
I have to stay under 200.oo. The further under the better...;-)
I've been looking at three tents so far...

The Quest Cornice III          49 sq ft......6lbs....146.oo
The Quest Rogue River II       40 sqft.....5.4lbs....185.oo
The Eureka Glacier Bay         38 sqft.....5.1lbs....189.oo

I'd apprech any input on these tents or others that would fit our needs.

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