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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking with young teenagers

SaraSW@aol.com wrote:
> I have a question about the packing ability of youngsters. My brother-in-law
> wants to start his boys hiking, working up to a five-day trip next June. One
> boy will be almost 11 by then. He has a very slight build. The other will be
> 10 1/2, is a little shorter and stockier.
> How much can they carry? I've read that, because they're still growing,
> pre-teens should not carry a great deal, but nothing I've read says how much
> "a great deal"  is. Everybody says no more than 20 pounds, but should it be
> less?

I started both my boys at that age.  We didn't get up to a five-day for
a few years.

Their packs started out at around 15 pounds.  Our days tended to run
from 5 to 7 miles over moderate terrain.  Even fairly short climbs,
however, required patience, "baby steps".  By 12 or 13 they were
tackling longer ascents (sp?) of 1000 - 2000'.

The hiking was not their favorite part at first, the camping was. 
Campsites w/ streams to mess around in were always a favorite.

Must have done OK, ten years later they're both still backpacking.

- the Priest
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