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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking

I wanted to post this back to the list for more advice about less rocky
trails in Central PA.

When people were talking about nite-hiking. I had to laugh. It would be
considered suicide here.

I think the trails are designed here to go across every rock field in the area.

I think that from my limited experience some of the trails further north --
Black Forest, Susquehannock, are not as rocky  as these in Central PA. .
The Mid State and Link for example are very.
I was wondering if the Quehanna was less rocky.

We were lucky over break (Penn State shuts down from Dec 20 to Jan 2)  to
take 3 to 5 mile loops using the Mid State, Ironstone, Link etc. most days.
We could leave our kids at home that long and hike fast.
We headed up for a  nice hike near Penn Roosevelt State Park and ran into
two trucks of hunters (12) preparing to put on a drive (muzzleloading
season). Changed our plans and ran into more. Decided to hike up and down a
loop covering a steep section. no hunters there.

If the weather  stays this good, we can finish the AT across the Cumberland
Valley here in PA some weekend this month.

At 10:22 AM 12/31/96, kahlena (by way of dsg4@email.psu.edu (Debora wrote:
>Deb Grove wrote:
>>  as
>> well as other long trails in Central PA
>I'm in Pa. too, and have to admit to getting a little bored with the
>local stuff. Some stretches, I think I know every rock by heart and
>that's alot of rocks!  When you have the time, if you would, I'd sure
>apprech any suggestions on trails.  And if you know of any less rocky
>trails,....I know, we are talking Pa here, I'd sure like to hear of
>them.           signed ...Kahley...who's knees are getting 'rocky'

Deborah S. Grove, Ph.D.
Manager, Nucleic Acid Facility
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Pennsylvania State University
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