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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking with young teenagers

On 01-Jan-97 SaraSW@aol.com wrote:
>I have a question about the packing ability of youngsters. My brother-in-law
>wants to start his boys hiking, working up to a five-day trip next June. One
>boy will be almost 11 by then. He has a very slight build. The other will be
>10 1/2, is a little shorter and stockier.
>How much can they carry? I've read that, because they're still growing,
>pre-teens should not carry a great deal, but nothing I've read says how much
>"a great deal"  is. Everybody says no more than 20 pounds, but should it be
>Any help on that or advice on anything dealing with youngsters backpacking
>would be appreciated.

Hi Sally,

I think the rule-of-thumb for adults is no more than 1/3 your body weight.
Maybe a good starting point would be half of that, 1/6, for kids?  Say a
kid weighs 75 lbs.  Then he/she should carry no more than 12.5 lbs.
Maybe you could load that amount and do a day hike, or a 1-nighter,
see how that works before going out on a 5-7 day trip, and adjust as
necessary.  (Of course we all know where the extra weight will end up,
right Mom and Dad... :)


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