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[at-l] Shorts

Regarding the posting about clothing worn on the trail:
   The gentleman (sorry I forgot name and deleted post without thinking) wrote about wearing cotton blend shorts, which I too strongly reccommend
staying away from.   During my 500mile trek from Katahdin I found that a
pair of soccer shorts were a great, lightweight addition.  They never caused chafing, dried real quick, and didn't carry any disturbing odors. 
The only time that is not advantagous to be wearing them is when you
plan to spend time ontop of a cold windy bald, in cases like that I'd
switch to my thermal underwear.  I've worn denim shorts since my
sophomore year in high school (going on 6 years now) and refuse to wear
anything long (ie. jeans), even for weddings, prom or graduation I
resort to wearing tuxedo shorts, so I loosly consider myself as a shorts
expert.  The only thing I might find more comfortable would be a kilt,
but I didn't find one under the tree this year, and until I find one
that is not $300 I don't think this Scot will be on the trail in
traditional cloth.

and a Happy New Year-


Grayling, MI "Home of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon  (final leg of the
Canoeing Triple Crown)"
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