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[at-l] Bob--Thoughts on Paper

Thanks Bob,

If you would actually READ what messages say, instead of interpreting "your
underlining value" you might actually achieve a higher understanding. 
My work isn't for sale or will never be published.  It is a journal to
which thoughts are expressed--and what comes to mind.  I thought that the
prose I posted might enlighten people as to what other people write in
their journals and share my opinions.

What is the point of being on an email list if you don't input.  That's
like saying "Oh the park systems need alot of work", then change the
channel with the remote.

Mike MacLean
Shall I  watch for you on the trail?
> From: bob <deer@epix.net>
> To: Michael MacLean <rayann@cwconnect.ca>
> Subject: Re: [at-l] Steve, Thoughts on Paper
> Date: Tuesday, December 31, 1996 2:38 PM
> Michael MacLean wrote:
> > 
> I won't post to the list, commiting the same offense of wasting 
> band width. Nor will I mince words.
> > I understand that writing is more subjective than objective,
> My personal opinion is that your writing sucks.
> You asked.
> Bob
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