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[at-l] Rides, shuttles, etc.

Just got back from a few days in Fla visiting some relatives, boy is that
state FLAT! Was too much like summer down there, glad to be home.

I just wanted to let everyone on the AT-L know that I plan to be helping
out with rides, trail magic, etc. (as time permits) on weekends next
spring in the GA area. Since I live between Atlanta and Springer, I am in
a good position to help out. I plan to hit some of the major road
crossings with water, etc.

Please note, I'm not on any official 'Shuttler' list from the ATC and
basically want to provide this service in an 'un-official' way. If I can
help please contact me direct via email and I will give you my phone
number etc.

Happy Holidays,
Milt Webb


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