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[at-l] Greyhound Stops, Atlanta GA only

I was planning the same thing.  I am from Ontario, Canada and taking the
greyhound was the only feasible option.  The closest you can get to
Springer is Atlanta GA.  It is like 1.5 hrs away.  There are plenty of
people who are willing to shuttle you for a small fee, or donation.  Send
me an email, maybe we can hook up and save $$.

Mike "get outta my way, I need a hot meal, my gore-tex pants are better
then yours, watch me pass you" MacLean

P.S.  send email directly to me 

>Just wondering if anyone knew how close you can get to Springer via a
>Grayhound bus?

>This is how I plan to get to GA. And would like to find out how much
>Hitching I need to get there?
>We're not here for a long time.
>We're here for a good time.
>Life is fun!

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