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[at-l] Hello

Well here it goes.
I've been reading everyones input,conversations and advise since
Dec 1st. I want to say how helpful all these bits of info and even
the short adventure/misadventure stories that everyone has shared.
 I'm planning my thru-hike for the begining of April or as soon as I
can get out of work. I've started to gather all the little stuff
that is needed for the hike and plan a shopping spree for the BIG
stuff sometime in Feb. I've got the pack but not much else. Plan to
get info from the folks that are meeting at "HEADQUARTERS" in Harpers
Ferry on the 25th of Jan.
 Been walkin my butt off lately in this heatwave 50+ degrees here in
Northern VA. Smell'in that sunshine,closin my eyes and thinkin about
the trail. I don't have any expereince with backpackin, so it's all
going to be brand new. So when I pull that sack of potatoes out of my
pack.....and my swiss army kitchen....

I want to say thanks to you all for your input.

Got that part-time temp job today. YAH MO MONEY BEER MONEY MO MONEY!!

 I dont have a trail name yet and MO MONEY doesnt click with me,
besides MO MONEY will be NO MONEY in 5 months.
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