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[at-l] Hiker appearances

In a message dated 96-12-29 00:57:59 EST, you write:

<< Last nite while I was putting my nose ring in ( actually it's in my
 remember everyone talking about "skin-heads" and other " un-desirables" on
 the trail - mainly in the shelters.
 Well, the question I have for everyone is...  How will you approach me while
 i'm on my way to Maine??  I think that I'm a pretty decent guy ( personal
 opinion ) with the exception of a few extra holes in my body and some ink
 stuck in my skin. >>

Hi Nate.  I hope to meet you on the trail (actually, you'll probably pass me
by).  It makes no difference to me if you're tattood, pierced or whatever.  I
do remember, though, the person who originally wrote about the skinheads said
he judged them by the graffiti they were writing in the shelter, and by their
conversation.  Add those two things to their unorthodox looks, and the looks
end up being the definitive factor.   You don't sound like the sort of person
who plans to vandalize or otherwise abuse shelters, or talk violently (or
however those guys were talking), so I'd say you don't have a thing to worry
about from thru hikers.  

Marty (Gypsy)
P.S.  I'll be a middle aged woman, probably with a 65# black lab mix,
carrying a green Jansport external frame pack.  Say hi, will ya?
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