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Re: [at-l] get your whips,another dead horse

unknown wrote:
> Last nite while I was putting my nose ring in ( actually it's in my septum),
> remember everyone talking about "skin-heads" and other " un-desirables" on
> the trail - mainly in the shelters.
> Well, the question I have for everyone is...  How will you approach me while
> i'm on my way to Maine??  I think that I'm a pretty decent guy ( personal
> opinion ) with the exception of a few extra holes in my body and some ink
> stuck in my skin.
> Just the rambling of a phreak
> later Nate
I went out for a week on the AT this spring in May, I was on the NC/TN
line hiking from Spivey Gap to Hot Springs and saw a ton of thruhikers
while I was there. I did get a few mentions of my nipple rings, tattoo,
eyebrow ring, brand, and the one time someone walked up on me releaving
my self, my PA (if you don't know what a PA is you probably don't want
to know) but none of the comments were negative, just curious. I don't
think you are going to have anyproblem at all, just remember people will
ask questions because this is a novel thing to most of them and they are
very curious about why and how these things are done. What I did notice
is that most of the thruhikers were much more open to my ideas about
bodyart as a spiritual manifestation than the general public is, and I
have had this discussion many, many times witth people as I onced worked
in the bodyart industry as an apprentice.
I thing you will be very pleasently surprised at how open minded as a
group thruhikers are, personaly I just can't wait to get out on the
trail this spring so I can show off my 2 new scarrification pieces :)

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)
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