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Re: [at-l] nite hiking

It was a nite hike that got me thinking I might enjoy winter packing.
For reasons which shall remain untold, a couple of friends and I got
the idea around 12:00 AM to hike a favorite trail starting_now_.  It had 
snowed about 4 in....just enough to make everything magical, then had 
cleared and there was a full moon!  I can't tell you how great that hike 
was...only that is was alot like hiking on another planet.  Such 
silence, broken only by the crunch of our feet on the snow.  When we 
would stop, I swear I could hear the other's heart's beating. Now 
whenever there is a snow near the full moon, I go out at nite but...
I don't think I'd want to do this full time.  Without the moon, Gail
is right, you're depth perception is lousy.  Of course if your trucking
through snow you can't see what your about to trip over anyway.  
Also, the main reason I hike is to see things...that's tuff at nite.
But each to his own...or..er....should I say hike your own hike at nite!
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