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[at-l] Hello list.

Hello list.  My name is Chris Bailey.  I thru-hiked in '95 by the trailname "T
I currently live in North Central Washington state and work at Stevens Pass
ski area.  I plan on thru-hiking the PCT in '98 with a sometime AT partner,
Doc.  I'm very interested in exploring lightweight long-distance hiking
(although I went relatively light on the AT).  

I'd be happy to share any info with future thru-hikers if you're interested.
 To give you an idea of my hiking "style," I hiked from April 4 to September
4 with 15 days off the trail.  I started with maildrops, but ended relying
mostly on grocery stores.  I experimented with a lot of different aspects:
 hiking speed, days off, tenting/sheltering, food, footwear, etc.

I'd be delighted to hear from any trail friends from '95, too.

Good luck to the class of '97.

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