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Re: [at-l] Wapiti S.

> Can someone confirm or dispell the rumor that there was a murder or 
> murders in the Wapiti S. south of Pearisburg? This is not a recent thing,

> mind you.
> -- 
> Felix
No rumor, back in 1984 I saw an ad in "Outside magazine" selling a new book
at that
time called " Murder on the Appalachian Trail " I just got the book back
out and the author is Jess Carr. The publisher is Commonwealth Press, Inc.
415 First st.
Radford, Virginia 24141. This address may not still be current.
   It was about Bob Mountford from Maine and a girl he was thru-hiking with
who were
murdered by a man who was of "mental problems". He was caught and sentenced
to life in prison.     Tumbleweed..... "the one in Texas"   ;-)

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