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Re: [at-l] Wapiti S.

At 02:29 PM 12/27/96 -0800, Felix wrote:
>Can someone confirm or dispell the rumor that there was a murder or 
>murders in the Wapiti S. south of Pearisburg? 


Yes, this is one of the AT's more infamous incidents. I stayed in Wapiti
Shelter a few weeks ago and there were numerous references to it in the
shelter log. Several hikers wrote that they thought they heard footsteps
all night long around the shelter. Me, I slept like a rock.

We had some discussion about this a few months back, and the person who was
convicted of the crime was released on parole sometime last fall.

I'm a little confused about this shelter, though. When I was in the area, I
saw a note in the trail register near the crossing of VA 606 that indicated
that the Wapiti shelter has been moved recently. Apparently it used to be
located a couple miles south near the intersection of the AT and the Ribble

Several of the hunters I met on my trip told me about the murders, but when
I suggested that the murders must have occurred at the old shelter
location, they told me that the shelter had been in its current spot for as
long as they could remember.

My AT map shows it in its current place, and my trail guide says it was
built in 1980.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


Tony Roberts
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