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[at-l] Looking for Mr. Miserable... :) + URL's

At the bottom is a message from someone looking for "Mr. Miserable."

Since I'm dropping a note to the list, I thought I'd mention a couple of
URL's, not exactly AT related...but...somehwat...

1. Just discovered that Mrs. Grieve's Herbal from 1931 is now online. 
Lots of cool old medicinal plant info. (Searchable)

URL: http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/mgmh.html

2. Someone sent me this link the other day:

 This is to a "digital library" of
images and documents related to the early history of environmentalism in
the U.S.  It includes Congressional material (the actual text of laws,
etc.) on the creation of the National Park system and other important
legislation, full (and searchable) texts of books by John Muir and
others, prints and photographs celebrating the American wilderness and
outdoor recreation, and much more.  The site's title is "American Memory,
Library of Congress: The Evolution of the Conservation Movement,
1850-1920."  The URL is:


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