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[at-l] Blew By You

An addendum to the old thread of baldness:

                                BLEW BY YOU
                              (source unknown)
                              tune: Blue Bayou

I went out one autumn day,
The sky was dark, the clouds were gray;
A gust of wind caught my toupee
And it blew by you.

I'm going back out there to get may hair
That blew by you.
It's a black toupee with just a touch of gray
That blew by you.
I've got no peace of mind without that piece of mine;
My head looks like a baby's behind.
I wish I dug where to find that rug
That blew... by... you.

"Blew by you" has another connotation re: fast hikers.  I'm not going to
try for a second verse!  (:-)

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu
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