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Re: [at-l] Misc

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread both on
the list and private email, lots of good stuff. To kinda
fill you in on what we have decided and once again
seek comments here goes,
 We are going to travel via Amtrak from Minnesota to
Boston via Chicago and New York. But we decided to 
not take the normal seating, but instead will have
what Amtrak calls a Deluxe Bedroom. It has a TV and
a sound system, with a couch and an easy chair, along
with a private bathroom with shower, and the fare includes
all our meals. (hey, let us slide on this one it's a
21 hour ride ). From Boston to Bangor on bus (Greyhound)
then Bangor to Medway via bus . Now this is the tricky
part, we tried the number in the 1996 thru-hikers handbook
for town taxi but the number has been disconnected, so I dug
out an older handbook, which had a different number for the taxi,
tried it today but no answer (figured it's probably because of
it being Christmas Eve) does anyone have any up to date info on
Town Taxi ? or another way to get from Medway to Baxter. Yes we
know hitch hiking is an alternative ,but we will be getting to
Medway about 8 PM and also before the big tourist season starts.
Next the Whites , this is what we are planning for the Whites.
What do you think ? Is it overly ambitious ? It is north to south.

     Mail drop and town stop in Gorham
 8   Imp Campsite
13.1 Pinkham Notch Camp (MD UPS)
 7.8 Madison Springs Hut 
11.8 Nauman Tentsite
 9.3 Ethan Pond Campsite
14.5 Garfield Ridge Campsite
10.3 Lafayette Campground   (MD UPS)

Yes I know there is more to the Whites but this is the
area I am uncertain about. See any red flags ?

Thanks for all your help.

Merry Christmas !

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 144 days )

PS. Alice, I have this land I would like to sell you, it's
   in Louisiana, it's really not that swampy and as
   Richard Nixon said, "trust me , I'm not a crook". 
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