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Re: [at-l] Do I look stupid, or what?

In a message dated 96-12-24 06:45:40 EST, bearclaw@earthlink.net (John Koch)

<< don't worry about it, alice. it maybe that you weren't taken. a good 
 craftman could easily duplicate a pattern. anyway what's done is done, 
 concentrate on your up coming trip and have a good christmas! >>

I don't think could duplicate the exact material, and I mean exact!!!  But,
yeah, I'll have a good Christmas.  Actually I find it rather amusing in a
way.  Trip?  I hadn't been thinking about that!!  I hope to do another trip
in May. We also hope to be closer to the mts. about then so we can do weekend
trips instead of having to take off a week from work to get a trip in.  Only
time will tell where we are then, but we do have a bid in on another piece of
property a little ways from Hot Springs NC.

IL Fltlndr
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