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[at-l] Do I look stupid, or what?

This isn't particularly trail related, but about a store in a trail town.
"Do I look stupid or what?", I asked my husband tonight.  "I mean, do I look
like a person you could con?"  I certainly had him baffled by that time.
 Today I was walking through Venture just browsing and came acrossed a
quilt/bedspread just like I have at home on my bed.  The signifigance?  I
paid over $200 for mine, made by some ladies in the Appalachian Mts., and
this one was $59.99, made in China. I just about had an attack of some sort
right there in the store!  

I bought this quilt at Johnson's Antiques in the AT town of Roan Mountain TN
about 2-3 years ago.  Now I ask you, was that quaint, little old lady buying
these quilts for $59.99 from China, or did she get them from the "ladies over
yonder that do some quiltin"?  

I feel so "taken"!!  I thought I was old enough to know better!!  Oh,
well......I guess I'm getting stupider after 40!!  Just a word of
advise......Beware of Johnson's Antiques!  I recall it was acrossed the
street from a bank & drug store.

I feel SOOO dumb!!  I have been treating the quilt like an heirloom for
heaven sakes!!
Go figure!

Dumbo in Illinois (alias IL Fltlndr)
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