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Re: [at-l] Plane crash

> Just heard about a plane crash just outside of Pearisburg, on East River 
> Mt. I'm not sure if the AT runs on E. River Mt, but I know its close. 
> Does anyone have any details?

This was on the local news last night.  Now I don't know the exact location
of the crash, but the map they showed on TV showed the crash on the other side
of Narrows from where the AT crosses over Peters Mountain.  Other things that
also lead me to believe it wasn't on the AT are it occurred in the "Wolf Creek"
Wilderness, but the AT goes through the Peter's Mountain Wilderness.  So,
although not 100% sure, I'm 95% sure it didn't happen on the AT.

Other non-relevant details about the crash.  It was a DC-8 cargo plane owned
by Airborne Express on a maintenance flight, no cargo on board.  All 6 (?)
were killed.  The NTSB was supposed to be on site today so hopefully there
will be more news about it tonight.  "Ear" Witnesses say they heard the engines
cut on and off several times before it slammed into the mountain.
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