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[at-l] Nordic Track

Mark wrote:
>Someone on here mentioned that they had knee problems and worked out
>seriously on a Nordic Trac and did exercises and I think they benefited from
>that.  On the other hand, if your foot is not planting correctly, all the
>exercises in the world may not help, as your knee will get twisted
>constantly. Nonetheless, I think the exercises help and will work out on my
>NordicTrac and do whatever else I can to strengthen my quads. I'm afraid
>genetics has a whole lot to do with this problem.

I have used Nordic Track and a stationary bicycle for conditioning ever the
last two winters and have had good success.  My muscles, heart and lungs are
in decent shape when spring rolls around.  I tend to do lots of motion with
little tension on the Nordic Track.  I have a friend who claims to have hurt
his back using a large tension in the Nordic Track.

I have noticed a real advantage to using the Nordic Track with a significant
incline.  The first winter I used it, I kept the Track level with the ground
and I don't think it helped the uphill leg muscles much; that next spring I
got a slight pull in my calf going up some "hills" in southern Ohio with a
full pack.  Last winter I worked up to doing the Nordic Track with full
incline, and I felt I did better on the uphills the next spring.

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