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[at-l] IRC, Iphone, Freetel

Hello again,

	I was wondering if any of the list subscribers use one of the
faster realtime chat programs. IRC lets a lot of people type messages in
a big group (or individual) session. The program MIRC is one of the
better IRC programs it can be found in shareware version at
http://www.mirc.co.uk  .
	Iphone makes use of your soundcard and a microphone so you can
actually talk to people. It is available from Vocaltech.
	Freetel is another nice chat program. It lets you type, or talk,
send files and  even view if you have a camera attached to your PC. It is
available in share ware form at http://www.freetel.com

If you get on IRC join #AT,  on Iphone join Appalachian Trail.

Happy Holidays


Georgia>97>Maine   Chase
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