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Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers

> Date:          Sun, 22 Dec 1996 01:10:41 -0330
> From:          Douglas K Gibbons <douglasg@nlnet.nf.ca>
> To:            TrailAt@aol.com
> Cc:            athiker@plantnet.com, at-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject:       Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers

> TrailAt@aol.com wrote:
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> > >swelling.
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> > Does anyone have any ideas, help, suggestions, home remedies (know a good
> > witch doctor)?
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To answer the question as to whether there is a good medication other 
than Advil or Alleve, I thought you may be interested in information 
I have on Orudis, recently released for over the counter use.  I use 
this regularly in my dental office.  Probably best for moderate to 
severe inflammation or injury, and not for a premptive strike on the 
dreaded "down hill knees"

Also,  I have heard and tried that a leaf from the herb (some call it a 
weed) plantain, if crumpled in a ball to release its "juices" and 
placed on the sole of the foot,will relieve foot discomfort.
You have been given a prescription for Orudis (ketoprofen), an
excellent medication that is both an analgesic (pain medicine) and
anti-inflammatory drug. I have been writing prescriptions for Orudis
for over ten years with excellent results. While you are welcome to
get the prescription filled, this drug is now available over the
counter (OTC), but in a lower strength. Notice that the prescription
strength is 75 mg, to be taken one capsule every six to eight hours. 

There are two brand names of ketoprofen available OTC, each have 12.5
mg of ketoprofen per pill. They are Orudis KT and Actron. Both contain
the same amount of the same drug, the difference is only in packaging.
Orudis KT is made by the same company that makes Advil, and it looks
very much like a green Advil. It is the same size, has the same sugar
coating, etc. Actron is made by the same people that make Bayer
aspirin. The pill is considerably smaller and without the sugar
coating. Either brand name will do, personally I prefer the Actron due
to the smaller size. 

In order to get the same amount of drug as in the prescription, please
take SIX of the OTC medications at one time. You may take them every
six to eight hours. The maximum daily dose (by prescription) is 300
mg. This equates to twenty four of the OTC pills. Please take this
medication for the first three days - whether you think you need it or
not - to get the anti-inflammatory benefits. If needed, you may
continue taking ketoprofen until your first post-operative check,
approximately one week after the procedure.

The most common side effect is an upset stomach, although this rarely
occurs. If you have some stomach upset, first try reducing the dose to
FOUR pills to see if that helps.
Rich Scanlon
KTA Webmeister
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