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[at-l] Re: Insurance on the Trail

I would normally not comment to the subject, but our family has had an
experience this last year involving such.  My son reduced his college
load to less than full time, was no longer covered under my major
medical.  Better safe than sorry, I asked around for insurance.  One
agent for Allstate, a close friend, but I have never done business with
him, recommended I call World Insurance Co, in Omaha NE  402-496-8000. 
He said it was the best deal.  I stopped shopping.

After paying for 6months insurance, my son was in a car accident as a
passanger.  We are seeing over 300 times return for the small premiums we

The trail may be a safer place than the highways, but don't leave home
without it.

Peter Lascell
Forest, VA

>At 05:32 PM 12/20/96 -0500, Kahley wrote:
>>Also..to hike the trail, most people have to quit their job which is
>>usually the source of their hospitalization insurance.  Being self
>>employed, I know the problems/cost of self-insuring and wondered how 
>>this is handled during a thru. 
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