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Re: [at-l] orthotics

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Felix wrote:

> I'm not sure what orthotics are. I thought it was an insert/insole, but 
> the $100-300 price tag makes me doubt it. Anyone want to tackle this? 
> Felix Navidad

Orthotics are custom insoles made by a doctor.  You can get pretty much 
the same thing from a ski shop that specializes in boot fitting.  Because 
these boot fitting guys/gals are not podiatrists, the products they make 
for you are not called orthotics, they are called custom insoles or footbeds.

The ski shop footbeds generally run about $100 to $150.  You can 
expect to pay over $200 for a ski shop footbed if it uses 
computerized grinding.  However, a good technician can make you a footbed 
using standard equipment (foot pillows, and belt sander) just as good or 
better than ones made with all that high tech equipment.

For footbeds that would work with hiking boots, you would want to go with 
the soft kind.  The soft kind are designed for telemark skiers where they 
flex their foot like a hiker would.  This type would be good for hiking 

The hard kind will not bend in your hiking boots.  They are either made 
of cork, or air cushion with a hard plastic bottom.  These are for alpine 
ski boots only.

I would not pay more than $120 for a footbed.  At my shop, we charge $94 
for custom footbeds.
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