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[at-l] Re: at-l-digest V1 #32

Mark said:
>I mentioned this once before and got a bit of grief from another member for
>offering my opinion, but I will offer it again (only this time with the
>admonition that you seek out your doctor's, podiatrist's, P.T's opinion) and
>that is that part of the source of your knee pain may be in your feet.

My physical therapist told me the same thing.  I sprained my foot (weird)
such that the ligaments connecting the deep bones in the foot never
tightened up.  We discussed my getting new boots with higher ankle support
to keep the foot from twisting. His point was that the artificial support at
the ankle throws off the knee (I'm certain there's a more precise
explanation) and sometimes creates pain in the knee joint.  He said a major
athletic shoe company was funding a major study with the NBA to determine
whether "high-tops" actually created more problems in the knee than the
shoes prevented in the ankles. The advice he left me with was that he
wouldn't particularly recommend investing in $175-200 new boots just for
ankle support unless my old ones needed replacement anyhow. 

But, if you need orthotics anyway, none of this may apply.

Jim Greenway  

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