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[at-l] Re:Birkenstocks and Foot Measurement

At 11:50 AM 12/20/96 PST, Jim Mayer wrote:

 Also, Birkenstock makes 3/4 length orthotics that
>appear to be very similar to their shoes.  They arn't all that expensive

Interesting. Will have to check those out.

>I have two recent "discoveries" to pass on:
>(1) There is a german company called "Finn Comfort" that makes reasonably
>good looking conventional shoes with a Birkenstock like footbed (including
>lots of toe room and a metatarsil support).  The only drawback is that they
>cost more than most hiking boots.  I have a pair for work, and find them
>very comfortable. I wear my Birkenstocks at work alot too!

Where do you find a catalog or store that carries them or a number to
contact them?

>(2) Two of our local shoe stores fit shoes very differently than the others.
>I find their approach much more comfortable.  Basically, instead of working
>against the length of the foot, they work against the arch length -- the
>distance from your heel to the widest part of the foot.  The idea is to line
>up the widest part of the foot with the widest part of the shoe.  Typically,
>one ends up with a larger shoe size when arch length is measured.

Good point Jim.  I bought my Fabiano Rios from Diamond Brand Camping Center
(as I recall that was the name) in Fletcher, NC and they had a guy in there
who has been selling boots for 25 years.  He used the same method.  Maybe
that is why my boots gave me no problems for the 1st 1000 miles.  I ended up
with an 11 boot and normally wear
9 1/2-10 in other footwear. The nice thing about that as well, was that I
never slammed my toes in those. Did kick many a rock of course, but the
Fabiano has a real hard toe cap, which is great for rock kickers and I'm
afraid I'm one of the worst when it comes to that.

Thanks for the good info!

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