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Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers

Pooombah@aol.com wrote:
> the strange thing about the q.t. was that it never bothered me while i hiked.
>  only when i was seated here in my oh-so-lovely cubicle (cage) for more than
> half an hour.  i'd get screaming, blinding, concentrated pain that pretty
> much knocked me unconscious.  pain is so disconcerting.
> anyone else NOT bothered while hiking but at other times?
> the wierdo--
> pooom
Hey Poom,
Not weird, as a matter of fact, very typical.
Mine hurts like hell if I'm not hiking or running.
It's one of many goood reasons to keep goin'.
BTW, quad tendonitis of Ilio-tibial syndrome is SSDD.
Don't quit, it only gets worse.

ga>me 97
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