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Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers -Reply

I also have problems with my right knee, and I guess with my brain,
because I think I have the body of an eighteen year old :-), but when my
knee brace is not enough, my doc has prescribed a relatively new
prescription NSAID, Cataflam.  Cataflam is diclofenac 50mg - which is
released immediately.  I believe there is an extended release version as

I am generally one to shy away from any drug which masks symptome,
but when my knee is hurting and 'rufen is not helping, the cataflam works
great.  I believe the usual side effects of any NSAID occur with cataflam
as well.

Disclaimer  I am not a medical doctor - nor do I play one on TV

Working in higher ed is great - I actually will get next week off, and I'll be
out to play !  Best wishes to the rest of the list

steve brown

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